Friday, October 10, 2014

Another Season Begins!

This is the start of the 2014-2015 Power Drive season. We have begun designing the frame for our new car and are making great progress. We are incorporating a newly designed rear swing arm.  We went to the Wayne Fall Rally in September and  gained a lot of racing experience. We noticed that there were some improvements that could be made the the A59 car we have now and are currently working on testing it so we can get the best  performance the next time we race. We also noticed an issue with our motor controller during the rally, and so we replaced it with a spare one we had in the shop and so far things are working well.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Progress Report for A59 car

In the month of April we completed our documentation. For the advanced class we had to make a multimedia project so we decided on a video to our sponsors. With the video we also had to complete our writen documentation. We handed both in on the 19th at the Grand Island race. Also during April we raced at two races, Lincoln and Hastings. We finished 7th in both races. While only finishing 7th, we captured several mishaps on our GoPro camera. Between rain days the team also practiced braking and manuverability.

We found a weak spot
on the car including where we mount the brake drum on the front wheels. The team is confident that the problem is resolved and ready for the race. While having the car in the shop we also added an aerodynamics cone behind our GoPro camera.

Monday, March 31, 2014

March Progress Report for the A59 car

The first rally of the season is coming up fast, and so the team has been working hard to get all the needed jobs done in time for the first competition in Lincoln. First, the newly fabricated brake pedal, cables, and light switch have been installed and properly adjusted. Extra time had to be taken to alter the brake cable bracket since where the cables were in the bracket didn't match where they needed to be attached to the pedal itself. Also, the team has been putting together the written documentation for the project.

Next, the team replaced the paneling underneath the car to make sure the air flow will be as smooth as possible. They also ground the newly welded frame members to make sure they matched the original body lines, and that there were no sharp burrs or edges. With the nose now 7 inches longer, ground clearance was a concern, so the guys added spacers to the front axle to raise the front end of the car 1/4".

Lastly, the team has finalized their new car graphics designs and submitted them to a local sponsor who will print them out and apply the vinyl onto the newly cut side panels.

Friday, February 28, 2014

February Progress Report for A59 car

In the month of February the team completed several important tasks that will hopefully improve our car for the advanced class competitions. First, we finished altering the frame to account for taller drivers.

By adding 6 inches to the front of the car, our drivers will be more comfortable and the space will allow better braking power with our newly designed brake pedal. We designed the brake pedal similar to a go-kart style to save space for our feet.. We also started the development of our promotional video. The guys have been busy discussing the topics to cover during the video. Lastly, with the car being apart we started re-foaming the roll cage to make the car safer for the driver, as well as cutting new side panels to cover the extra length of the frame. We are also getting a new hood formed since our last one was destroyed due to high winds.

Friday, January 31, 2014

January Progress Report for the A59 Car

Up until this point we have been working on a number of things. First, as school got started, we worked on lining up sponsors to help fund the new season. We are very appreciative of the generous support of the local businesses who have supported us this year and in the past.

Next we had to decide as a team, what changes we would make to the old car. There were a lot of ideas, but we picked, remaking the brake pedal so we would have improved stopping power, and lengthening the front end of the car so our taller drivers could fit.

So far the new brake pedal has been machined and is ready, but we need to finish adding the extension onto the car so we can attach the new pedal in the right spot.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Week of September 16th

Due to scheduling, we had a shortened workweek. Working only Monday, Thursday, and Friday, the team worked on a new brake pedal for the A59 car. We also continued our search for parts on the new S53 including a steering wheel, rack and pinion steering system, and an extra racing helmet. We are also in the process of designing the front and rear axles for the S53 car.

Friday, August 23, 2013

week 2

We've completed our first full week after school started and the team has been working hard on our new car design. The new car frame and body has already been designed and it will be small enough to handle tight corners easily while the rest of the team works on finding parts that are needed to start building. We believe that our new car design will be something that hasn't been done in powerdrive for many years.